Massage… not just for babies!

I have been a big fan of baby massage since way back in my training days when I was privileged to meet Sr Amelia Auckett, one of the pioneers of baby massage. The techniques she taught us that day have proved very useful ever since.
I often recommend massage for both my antenatal and postnatal Mums, for relaxation and for pain relief.
About a year ago I met a marvellous massage therapist, Karyn Wheeler. Karyn has qualifications in all sorts of massage modalities: baby massage, relaxation, remedial and sports massage, as well as lymphatic drainage and bowen therapy. This is a lady who knows her stuff: I can guarantee that she’s marvellous, because I see her regularly myself!
I am very happy to recommend Karyn to all my clients. To arrange a home visit, or for further information, contact me and I will pass on the number.