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Antenatal consultations Hospital antenatal classes are an invaluable source of information about the birthing process. My antenatal consultations are all about what comes after that momentous event: parenthood, and a baby to care for! An antenatal consultation provides you with one on one time (or one on two, if your partner would like to be […]


This website is not intended as a medical guide, nor as a replacement for regular clinic visits with your midwife or maternal and child health nurse, but as a reference only. The information presented here is intended to help you make decisions regarding your baby’s health and behaviour, and it is not a substitute for […]


Leanne Girdwood RMN 0414 240 184 leanne@mothercraftcare.com Please note that Leanne’s services are only available in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Southeastern and Bayside suburbs). Who is Leanne Girdwood? I am a Mothercraft Nurse*, with thirty years of varied experience in infant and child care. I am also the mother of two wonderful daughters, and recently became […]